Can I phone directly to make an appointment?
Yes, that is one of the methods to book appointments. The receptionist will be able to prioritise and offer you appointment according to your need and urgency taking into account doctor’s availability. Sometimes, phone lines can be busy and you can try to ring at less busy times to get through the reception.
What happens if I miss an appointment?
We encourage you to let us know 24 hours in advance if you can’t come to the appointment. You will be charged $50 no show fees on failure to do so.
Can I get a prescription renewal on Walk-in?
We will encourage you to make an appointment for routine prescription refills. In case of failure to get an appointment or in emergency situation, you can come as a walk -in.
What if I do not have valid medical coverage?
You will be charged a private fee payable before you see the doctor. The amount is fixed by the clinic and will depend on the service requested.
How can I book an appointment online?
Clinic uses a software EMR called AVA. The patients can use www.avaconnect.ca to book the appointments. However, they need to sign up first by getting an invite from the clinic. Only the patients who have been sent an invite and have signed up for Avaconnect can book online appointments.